Sunday, 9 November 2008

Life on the Edge, Arcturus Publishing

3 cover design treatments and 2 spread designs (based on cover 1) for this series.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

American Immigrants, Rourke Publishing US

4 covers from this series and spread from the Chinese Americans title.

Everyday Materials, Wayland Publishing

6 covers in series, example of full cover and example of spread.

Around the World, Franklin Watts

Design for cover and 2 spreads for this series.

Kidcraft, Breslich and Foss

2 covers from the activity project Kidcraft series.

Big Book of Dinosaurs (1), The Book Studio

I start a project by creating idea worksheets for myself, just quick scribbles exploring various ideas and concepts. However, when possible, I like to make these a little more finished, similar to those shown here, so I can present them to the publisher before we decide on a definite design.

1. One of my initial cover ideas worksheets.
2. One of my worksheets showing two slightly more finished cover designs.
3. Final cover design pencil, I worked up to be used to brief the illustrator.
4. Final printed cover.

Big Book of Dinosaurs (2), The Book Studio

I was the paper engineer and designer on this book.

1. Spread pop up prototype (open). This was also used to brief illustrator.
2. Same spread prototype (closed).
3. Spread from printed book.

Stories (Myths) from Around the World, Arcturus Publishing

3 cover design treatments and 2 spread designs to go with cover 1.

Ellie Board Books, Oyster Books (and Marks & Spencer)

Set of 4 titles in this series.

Pop Out and Play, Oyster Books (& Parragon Books)

Interactive board book series where each pop out and play character (attached to the spine by coloured ribbon) can be moved through the book as the story is read.

Why Must I..., Evans Brothers

4 covers and spread from this series.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Secret Worlds, Raintree US

One of the covers from this series.

Letters from the Front, Arcturus Publishing

3 cover design treatments and spread design for this series.

My Community, Safety First, Franklin Watts

6 covers from each series.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Narnia Companion (1st spd), Harper Collins UK & US

On these Narnia spreads I wanted to show the progression from initial concept ideas to the finished presentation spread. This is one of the presentation worksheets I produced showing ideas, visuals and notes for this spread, a detail of the design chosen and then the first presentation spread.

Narnia Companion (2nd spd), Harper Collins UK & US

This was concept and development work carried out for the proposed large companion book to CS Lewis’s Narnia series. The companion would be a fun, exciting and informative title that could be read alone or in conjunction with the Narnia titles themselves. It would provide fascinating background facts and supplementary information etc. all with a view to augmenting and giving a greater insight into the Narnia series.

For example, on the Evacuation spread this gives the reader a glimpse of what it might have been like to be an evacuee and the fact that this may have been a strong influence when Lewis wrote The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Days Out In History, Arcturus Publishing

Cover and spread design treatment for new series.

Real Life Heroes, Arcturus Publishing

3 cover design treatments for the new series which describes true stories of courage and heroism in some of the most challenging situations facing people today.

Robot and Dinosaur Warriors, Chicken House

These were two titles I packaged for Chicken House, from first concept work to delivery of final disks.

Marshall Editions

Watch It Grow
I worked on several titles in the series doing concept, visual and design work.

Everyday Things
I did the initial concept work on this series and provided accurate, quite finished visuals for the illustrator to follow. This is a page from the Marshal Editions catalogue.

Underground Secrets
This was an idea I developed and took to Marshall Editions. I also worked on the initial concept for the series and again here is a page from the Marshall Editions catalogue.